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Entry #3

I suck at updating this shit

2010-11-06 22:15:26 by TheManOfMystery

Well, ive currently been juggling school, american comic course, and getting these medals.
In all newfag fairness, its likely nobody will even read this, but for those who are, theres a subject i wanted to get over with.
Ive been meaning to start a game project here on Newgrounds. Should be simple, no? i mean, i have flash, a decent computer... but i have absolutely no idea how to use flash, let alone make a code. All i know is how to draw shit on paper with a pencil and do somewhat decent voice acting. so ive been looking round for people who are interested.
now onto the project itself:
In my last post, you´d see i listed the majority of the project tittles I plan to do. Im currently working on "the mystics" what kind of fail would have such an oddly "they migh be giants" kind of name, you may ask? a 2d sidescroller/zelda, pokemon ripoff/platformer/rpg hybrid that has futuristic mythology and artsy fagness, thats what.
The entire story is pretty long, but the bare bones of it is that there are three countries (might possibly add a fourth) that are based on the main branches of mythology (norse, greek, egyptian, chinese, etc). for example, one country is suppose to be the norse, but theyre called the nore, and theyre basically a mix between bikers, vikings, and aliens (did i mention theres lazers?)
The more artsy storytelling aspects include the representation of society in general. the nore are basically the dim witted, yet kind hearted aspect of society. You know, the kind of people youd find in a third world country, or those religious douschebags that screwed the middle ages. you see, its not all flowers, unicorns, and boobies here, theres actually negative aspects to society.
Basically its just bunch of myths put together so they actually make sense, then put into the future (with lazzers, guns, and pew pew) and then made into an average long game, that i might divide into separate chapters if i ever get this project up and running.
Id like to make this a community project, and by that, i dont mean just the big cheeses like tom, or egoraptor, or rina chan, i mean the majority of the newgrounds community. that includes animators, voice actors, artists, musicians, and plenty of fail that hopefully will turn into win with the right support.
Hopefully ill make another post where i show the general artstyle of the game. in the meantime, though, Id appreicate it if i got some feedback, a PM, or hell, even a few comments. i do have a deviant art and youtube account, but im planning on getting new accounts, so ill also post them on my next post of failiure.
Godspeed, gentlemen. Godspeed.


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2010-11-06 22:55:51

Look, I'm sorry, but I don't know how to make a code. I'll get back to you on this on 12/31/10. I'm working on a calendar. I don't mind doing simple character art, as in drawing the main characters and what not. That's fine and cool with me. But as for backgrounds, I suck ASS at drawing those. Send me a PM so we can talk privately, kay?!


2010-11-20 16:47:35

Good luck, kudos to you for your ambition. Let me just say when I started flash I wish somebody gave me this advice as I was totally clueless as to how programming/game design actually worked. Start slow, you can do a big huge project which is what I tried to do as well but I ended up making a simple Christmas Tree dress up game. It worked and I was psyched :). It got blammed when I submitted it but I fixed it and added multiple trees and other features I didnt see in other difference games, it finally got scored and I was ecstatic. I kept working at it until I finally started make larger more serious games and even games capable of being frontpaged and earning me significant income. So good luck to you and remember, start slow!